Complex Networks
in Banking and Finance

We are pleased to announce that the Workshop on Complex Networks in Banking and Finance (CoNBaF 2024) will be held at the Fields Institute in Toronto on 24th – 27th June, 2024 (no online sessions). 

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Aims and Scope 

The workshop on "Complex Networks in Banking and Finance" encompasses a range of compelling research topics at the intersection of network science and financial systems. These topics focus on and include addressing key challenges in anti-money laundering (AML), fraud detection, anomaly detection, portfolio management, risk analysis, credit risk, vendor rating, supply chain risk, and financial transaction networks.

In the realm of AML and fraud detection, researchers can explore how complex network analysis enhances efforts to identify and track suspicious transactions and money laundering networks. Novel algorithms leveraging network topology and transaction patterns may be developed for real-time fraud detection.

Anomaly detection within financial networks is another critical area, where researchers can investigate methods for identifying abnormal patterns in transaction flows and network structures. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and data mining techniques can play a vital role in this context.

For portfolio management and risk analysis, a network-based approach is suggested. This involves developing strategies that consider the interconnectedness of financial assets to improve risk-adjusted returns. Additionally, incorporating network metrics into portfolio optimization models can guide asset allocation for better diversification and risk mitigation.

Credit risk analysis within interbank networks is a crucial aspect, with researchers exploring models to assess the creditworthiness of financial institutions based on their network relationships. The impact of credit risk propagation on the stability of the financial system can be a focal point.

The workshop also encourages investigations into vendor rating and supply chain risk assessment using complex network analysis, allowing for the evaluation of vendors based on relationships, dependencies, and performance within supply chains.

Furthermore, researchers are urged to explore the dynamic evolution of financial transaction networks over time, considering how network structures change during market turbulence and the implications for risk management and systemic stability.

In summary, the workshop aims at offering a comprehensive exploration of the applications of complex network analysis in various critical domains of banking and finance, presenting opportunities for innovative solutions and advancements in understanding and addressing complex financial challenges.